Our services at Intrepid Web Design

Basic Web Site Design

Our basic website design offers a static HTML website design up to 5 pages with a contact page - optimized for speed and Google.
A static website is typically used for those that do not require frequent updates, Ecommerce or want to blog on their sites.
* This is the initial deposit to start. We offer a payment plan based on your total quote for $99/month until paid.

WordPress/ Blogging Sites

Our WordPress Web Design allows you to endlessly expand upon a website. You can blog or post news to the site, add ecommerce at a later stage and explore the multitude of plugins available to increase your website functions... It's not for everyone, but it you intend to play and active role in expansion and wish to update your website constantly, this is the way to go.
* This is the initial deposit to start. We offer a payment plan based on your total quote for $149/month until paid.

Ecommerce / Custom Websites

We offer Custom web development, along with full ecommerce running on the latest software based on the needs of your store.
Our custom website design includes services such as custom social networks, custom image galleries, custom dating websites, custom mobile apps and much more - become the next Facebook or SnapChat!
* This is the initial deposit to start but we may require more based on project. We can offer a payment plan based on your total quote.

Google Search Engine Submission and Reindexing

Google updates its relevance algorithm from time to time to ensure that it finds the most relevant searches for your keywords. Once this update is done it is always a good idea to resubmit your site, however, Google do not make it common knowledge when such an update is made. So I would recommend resubmitting to Google whenever you change any of the main content of your page.
Now I know you may have visited other SEO websites, the majority of which will say that there is no need to submit your site to Google at all, as Google sends its own spiders/robots out and will find your site regardless.
In order to be indexed faster, sometimes it is better to make a reservation by letting Google know you want to be indexed. This is where our simple service comes in - so grab it as a one time deal, Quarterly or for the year - where we submit your site once per month!

Managed Wordpress

Managing WordPress websites is a horrendous waste of time and energy, and it only gets worse as your business keeps scaling. We found ourselves facing this problem, so we decided to come up with a new way to manage WordPress websites efficiently. We now offer this service to you.
It’s important to have professionals perform consistent WordPress maintenance is to prevent possible security breaches.

WordPress Migration

Having an issue with Cloud Migration or just can't figure out how to move your WordPress website off the root directory or to another server? We can handle that for you within 48-72 Hours Typically.

Managed Website Plan

With our Managed Website plan, we customize your website to your project needs along with providing ongoing support, domain and hosting - everything you need - ecommerce included.
1. Domain Included.
2. Cloud Hosting Included.
3. Custom Website Included.
4. Custom Emails included.
5. Updating and Support included.
6. Facebook page and Twitter Account Included.
7. Auto Blogging included (if desired).
8. Mobile website included.
9. SEO included.
10. Search Engine Marketing Included.

Facebook Marketing via Krowdspeak

Used to simplify your Facebook Marketing, our services at Krowdspeak is simple to use and very efficient.
We offer a social media marketing tool to blast or schedule a Facebook post to all your groups and pages, whether immediate or scheduled. One we receive payment, you will receive instructions to signup or we can do this for you.
* Prices are prorated from the 1st to the 25th to offer a discount.

Twitter Post Eraser

Don't start over! Have a twitter account that you want to clean out of posts instead of deleting it or starting a new one? Get this order going!

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